Florida Gas Station Shooting: The Clerk Had A Gun Pointed At His Face And Became A Hero

Early Friday morning, a Tampa, Florida a gas station clerk became a hero when he stopped an armed robber all because he legally owned a firearm.

Police determined that the would-be robber walked into the Sunoco Gas station clerk at 2 AM on Friday morning and pointed his handgun at the clerk, demanding money from the register, reported News Channel 8.

Just in the nick of time, the gas station attendant pulled out his handgun and shot several rounds at the robber, hitting him once in the leg. The armed robber retreated from the store to a nearby Shell gas station parking lot where he collapsed from his injury.

The Sunoco gas station attendant chased him and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

“This is sort of typical self-defense stuff,” said Lt. Urbinas to News Channel 8. “If somebody’s threatening you with a firearm, anybody — a clerk, the general public — you have a right to defend yourself. And you can use deadly force if you’re faced with deadly force.”

Feature Image via Screenshot