Three Teens Break Into Home, Grab A Knife, And Attack A Family

Late on Tuesday night in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, three teens knocked on the door of a home on Snow Street and asked to speak to one of the residents. The man answering the door didn’t recognize them and try to shut the door on them when he noticed something odd about the three teens.

According to Sentinel & Enterprise19-year old Murtadha Alkenani, Eduardo Flores, and Wensnoldjy Estime overpowered the man at the front door and forced themselves into the house. They walked around the house beating members of the family when Estime grabbed a knife and tried to stab the man at the front door.

A scuffle ensued and both men received minor stab wounds while they wrestled over control of the knife for a few minutes. Finally, the homeowner emerged to the scene of the fight and pointed a BB gun at Estime and the other two men. Confused that the fake weapon was real, they surrendered until police arrived.

Police said that the three teens knew the family and charged them with home invasion. Estime was also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Feature Image via Flickr/trenttsd