“I Looked Over My Shoulder, The Guy Has The Gun Pointed At Me,” Armed Guard Acts Quickly To Save Lives

Rahkeim Kelly was walking back from a convenience store after buying soda in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane section around midnight on Thursday when he bumped into an old friend.

While the two were chatting, Kelly got an eerie feeling, turned his head and saw a hooded man pointing a gun at his head. Kelly pushed his friend and they both ran and took cover behind a parked car as the man shot at them, reported 6ABC.

“I just remember ducking behind the car, then looking through the window to find him,” Kelly said the local press. “He was still there. I fired two shots first, then he tried to take off running. I fired one more, then he ended up dropping the gun. He ran off and I just went and secured the weapon.”

Philadelphia Police Capt. Sekou Kinnebrew said that Kelly did everything correctly, he had a valid gun permit because he had a security guard licensed to carry, he tried to flee the scene and only took force once absolutely necessary.
The suspect, 22-year-old Osirus Lester of West Philadelphia, was arrested moments later near a fast-food restaurant.
Kelly was commended for how he handled the situation and told the press that he wants to a police officer someday.

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