Family Dispute Gone Wrong: Woman’s Son Shoots Her Ex-Husband After He Kills Her Boyfriend

It was family quarrel that ended in tragedy on Wednesday night in Hudson, Kentucky after a Theresa Moore’s ex-husband stormed through the door of her home.

Jeffrey Moore, Theresa’s ex-husband, came to her home just before midnight on Tuesday and witnessed her in a domestic dispute with her live-in boyfriend Donny Peek, reported Wave 3 News.

Peek and Moore started physically attacking each other, it’s not yet known what the cause of the dispute was when they started swinging. In the midst of the fight, Peek shot Moore, killing him.

That’s when Theresa’s 28-year-old son Jonathan Masterson who lives at the home got involved, he attempted to help Moore when Peek fired a shot at him and missed. The 28-year old took out his firearm and killed his mom’s ex-husband.

Masterson is not expected to face any charges in this family quarrel gone wrong.

Feature Image via Screenshot