South Carolina Man Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriend’s House Only To Find Her New Beau Is There With A Gun

Summerville, South Carolina responded to a call on Monday that a man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and was being subdued by her current boyfriend.

David Austin Rutledge, 22, went to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in at the Waters Edge complex and began banging on the door, demanding he is let in. When she refused, he kicked the door down and went inside, reported ABC News 4.

Her current boyfriend, sitting in the house with her, grabbed her gun from her dresser and fired it once at Rutledge, hitting him in the arm.

Despite his injuries, Rutledge continued to charge towards the two and her current boyfriend ended up in a physical altercation. Being stronger than Rutledge, her current beau was able to subdue him and choke him until he gave up.

Rutledge is in the hospital until he heals from his injuries at which point he’ll be placed under arrest.