Oklahoma Man Enters Home To Find Hatchet-Wielding Burglar

An Oklahoma man came home on Friday afternoon to the shock that there was a man inside his house. He opened the door and discovered a Hispanic male in his late 20’s to early 30’s. Seeing the homeowner, the burglar took a small hatchet from his waistband and struck him over the head.

Injured from the blow, the homeowner fled to his garage with the robber chasing him. Once inside the resident took out his concealed carry from his vehicle and pointed it at the burglar, reported News 9.

Facing a gun, the burglar ran through the same back window he had used to break into the house.

The homeowner stood outside and called 911, figuring he had him trapped in the house but he was able to get away.

Police have collected the suspect’s DNA from within the house and are hoping to find him soon.

Feature Image via Flickr/Stefano Mortellaro