Indiana Homeowner: My Dog Was Barking, I Saw A Shadow, Heard A Shotgun Being Racked, And Aimed My Handgun

A pair of 24-year old would-be burglars knew that a man living on West 41st Avenue in Gary, Indiana had a lot of guns and tried robbing him on November 28th, but it didn’t turn out the way they planned.

According to NWI Timesthe homeowner says he was sitting on the couch that Tuesday night with his girlfriend when his dog began barking erratically and the security motion lights turned on.

 He immediately grabbed his .380 caliber handgun from underneath his pillow when he heard a noise coming from his back door and thought he heard it open. He saw a shadow of a figure coming from the kitchen, heard the sound of a shotgun being racked and saw the firearm pointed at the couch where his girlfriend was still sitting.

The homeowner didn’t hesitate, he immediately fired his gun and hit Leventes Avery Strong who was holding the shotgun.

The 24-year-old and his accomplice Nicholas Jonathan Reeves fled the house, dropping the shotgun on their way out. Strong checked himself into a local hospital where he was questioned by police and admitted guilt for attempting to rob the house.

Strong has a long record with the police including three counts of child molestation and one count of incest.

Feature Image via Flickr/ArtBrom