Popeye’s Thief Shot Dead After Threatening Texas’ Man

A father of four turned into a hero on Wednesday night when he shot and killed a robber who threatened the life of his children.

Fox 29 reported that an armed robber entered a Popeye’s in San Antonio and walked up to a patron, his wife, and two children and demanded they hand over their cash. They did and the man asked his family could leave, the robber agreed and his wife and two children fled the scene.

The father stayed because two of his children were in the bathroom.

While he moved towards the bathroom to get them, the robber then walked up to the fast-food chain’s cashiers and demanded they also fork over money.

Out of the corner of his eye, the robber noticed the man’s two children walk out of the bathroom and pointed his gun at them. The Texas’ father did not pull any punches, he pulled out his pistol, shot, and killed the robber.

Police said his gun was licensed but are still investigating the entire incident.

Feature Image via Flickr/Mike Mozart