Michigan Woman’s Concealed Carry Saves Her From Rapist

On chilly Sunday evening, a woman was walking her dog outside the Maple Grove apartments in Sterling Heights, Michigan when she spotted a car she’s never seen before in her neighborhood.

The woman said the black windowless van was parked but the engine was still running. According to the police chief, she thought it was especially odd given that it was on the small residential block at night, reported Fox 2.

She told police that a black man in his 30’s got out of the van and started walking parallel to her on the other side of the street.

Seeing the man’s suspicious behavior, the woman immediately put her hand on her concealed carry underneath her jacket.

As she approached the end of the block, the man disappeared but less than a minute later emerged from behind her and started pulling on her jacket. She saw something shiny and believed it to be a knife.

According to the police report, she pulled out her gun, pointed it at his stomach and said, “I don’t want to have to kill you.”

The man was startled and ran off facing the consequences of being shot. Police have increased surveillance in the area.

Feature Image via Flickr/Ibro Palic