An Armed 23-Year Old Stops Teenage Burglars

An armed robbery occurred in North St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday afternoon, if it were not for a gun-wielding 23-year old the criminals would have gotten away with their crime.

KMOV reported that two armed robbers, both teenagers, walked into the Euclid Market and demanded money. As they were walking in, a 23-year old man was about to walk out with his 37-year old female companion. The young man immediately took action and pulled out his firearm.

A shootout commenced and four people were injured including the 23-year old and his female friend as well as a bystander. Luckily the young man was able to injure one of the attempted robbers who fled but checked himself into the hospital and was taken into custody soon after.

The other suspect remains at large. All injured parties were sent to the hospital and are expected to make a recovery.

Feature Image via Screenshot