21 and 18 Year Old Armed Burglars Found Dead After Confrontation With Homeowner

Tyler South, 21, of Dayton, Ohio, thought he could pull off an easy home burglary on Saturday morning in Union Township. He just didn’t know the man living there was armed and ready.

Fox 19 reported that South and his friend  Jaydon Boggs, 18, went to the home on Powell Road and were almost immediately confronted by the resident living there.

The homeowner told both men to get out of the house, but neither men complied, he took out his gun and shot South several times, the 21-year old collapsed on the floor and died.

Boggs attempted to flee, running inside his car when the homeowner got a single gunshot through the windshield and hit the 18-year old. Boggs was able to drive a short distance before crashing the car and succumbing to his injuries.

Feature Image via Flickr/Tony Webster