Real Life Hero: Good Samaritan Shot 5 Times While Protecting a Stranger

A real-life Good Samaritan became a hero on Wednesday when he tried to save a total stranger from three armed robbers.

The man, known as Rambo, was inside an Atlanta Texaco gas station when he saw three armed gunmen rob a 55-year old man in the parking lot. While many people would have attempted to save themselves, Rambo ran to protect the man he didn’t even know, reported WSB-TV 2.

As Rambo ran out to help the man, the three gunmen started shooting and the 55-year old man returned fire, unfortunately, the only person who was hit was Rambo.

Overall 20 bullets were shot and Rambo was hit five times.

“That man was trying to be a good citizen, trying to help the other citizen that was being robbed,” Cpt. Brian Schiffbauer said to WSB-TV.

Doctors are expecting Rambo to make a recovery. The police are still on the hunt for the shooters.

Image via Screenshot