Chevron Clerk Needed Just A Single Bullet To Stop Thanksgiving Robber

A Chevron gas station employee from Douglasville, Ga., known for his pleasant demeanor used a single gunshot to stop a robber on Thanksgiving Day.

According to 11 Alivethe gas station clerk called 911 about an armed robber that had entered the store but by the time the police arrived the suspect was on the ground with a single gunshot wound.

The clerk had his gun nearby when he saw the suspect and was able to surprise the would-be robber.

Police stated that the suspect is alive and in stable condition and has been transported to a local hospital.

Loyal customers who frequent the gas station and convenience store are just happy their favorite clerk was unharmed.

“I called him and he didn’t pick up. I was worried about that. That is why I stopped here this morning. But I’m glad he is OK and he did what he had to do,” frequent customer Harry Charles said to 11 Alive. “He works in a dangerous situation. He works at a gas station. I mean all hours of the night, people go in; people go out. It is a high-crime area around here. So, I feel right that he has to have a gun to defend himself if it comes down to it.”

Feature Image via Flickr/swong95765