‘Assault Weapon’ Saves The Day: Ohio Business Owner Surprises Burglars With AK-47

On what normally is a sleepy Sunday morning,  a 22-year old businessman Adam Seaton from Dayton, Ohio received an alert on his phone that his cell phone store had been broken into.

Seaton was only blocks away when he received the alert at 5 a.m. and immediately ran to the store. When he arrived he witnessed two men fleeing his business, they spotted him and one pulled out a gun and pointed it in his direction, reported WHIOTV.

In an instant, Seaton grabbed his AK-47 from the passenger seat and began firing, according to the businessman he hit one of the men.

The men jumped in their car and drove away. Seaton chased them for blocks as they shot at his car but ended his pursuit at the intersection of Smithville Road and Linden Avenu and returned to his store.

According to Seaton, this is the fourth time that his store has been robbed because often time judges give them very little jail time for petty theft.

“It’s not the police it’s the justice system. The police arrest them and the courts just let them out the next day,” he told reporters.

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