Man Drives Truck Through Garage, But Home Owner Is Prepared

A homeowner from Joelton, Tennessee was checking on his dog at 10:45 p.m. Monday night when she saw a strange man sitting in her car, parked in the garage.

She screamed and her husband Zack Suggs grabbed her gun as the home invader jumped into the couple’s 2008 Nissan Altima, put it in reverse, and drove through the garage door, reported WSMV 4.

Suggs ran outside and fired seven or eight rounds at the suspect as he drove away.

The man told WSMV 4 that he was more upset by the fact that his children were sleeping at home than the fact that the garage door was destroyed.

“What if we had sent our son downstairs to put the dog away? Then this is a lot worse than him just taking my car. That’s been the scariest thing for us as parents thinking, what if he had left with our kid?” Suggs said to the media.

Later the next day police arrested the suspect, 24-year-old Denver Taylor who was found passed out, under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Feature Image via Screenshot