Indiana Grandma Fights Off Armed Intruder Wearing a Dark Vader Mask

A 72-year old grandmother from West Indianapolis refused to give in to the demands of an armed home invader wearing a Darth Vader mask.

On Saturday afternoon, an armed home invader kicked down the door of the grandma and began demanding that she and her family get on the floor. Yet the grandmother refused to show any fear, reported WTHR 13.

“I’m not going to get on the floor,” the grandmother said to the man in the Darth Vader mask.

He pointed the gun at her face and said if she didn’t get on the floor he was going to shoot her in the head.

She responded by moving the gun out of her face and saying, “I’m not getting on the floor. I suggest you get your butt out of here.”

The man, impressed or scared by her nerves, walked out of the house without stealing anything.

Feature Image via Flickr/Roger Schultz