It Doesn’t End Well For Colorado Burglar Who Robs Off-Duty Cop

A middle-aged burglar from Colorado made a fatal decision on Friday afternoon when he decided to rob the house of an off-duty police officer.

The off-duty cop was asleep in the basement of his home on South Spotswood Street at 4:30 PM when he heard a strange noise coming from upstairs. The police officer stood by the well of the stairs and waited for the burglar to open the door, he confronted him and then the off-duty cop shot the burglar, reported ABC 7 Denver.

He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead a few hours later.

Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” allows for homeowners to use deadly force in the case of a home invasion if they suspect that their life or the life of anyone in the house is endangered.

Feature Image via Spaztacular/Flickr