Self-Defense: Vegas Woman Shoots Man After Domestic Dispute

In the middle of Friday afternoon, a domestic dispute in North Las Vegas turned deadly.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a 31-year old man and 26-year old woman got into a heated verbal argument in the early afternoon that turned physical. The pair were fighting outside their home in North Las Vegas when she took out her gun and shot the man in self-defense.

A pair of eyewitnesses said that the woman was acting in self-defense and police have decided not press any charges.

The parents of the young man who was killed said he was involved in gangs and recently moved from Compton, California to North Las Vegas with his wife and two daughters to change his life. They also said the young woman and he had a violent history, apparently she had shot him in the past.

Feature Image via Joel Angel Juarez/Las Vegas Review-Journal