89-Year-Old Wields Shotgun To Confront Robber

On Halloween morning, 89-year old Lee Wren from Olive Branch, Mississippi heard a pounding on his door. By the time he got to the door a gun-wielding intruder broke through and demanded money from the senior citizen.

Wren handed over the $136 in his wallet, but when the burglar wasn’t satisfied he ran to the man’s bedroom where he filled a pillowcase with Wren’s wife’s jewelry, reported News Channel 3.

While the robber was in his bedroom, Wren grabbed his shotgun and confronted the intruder but had no shells in the gun.

They fought over the gun and the robber was able to overpower the old man and threw it on the ground. Unable to find the bullets, the burglar escaped but not before Wren was able to get a look at his car and saw he had a getaway driver.

Medics checked on Wren and said he was okay. His wife Betty told reporters that she hopes they find the burglar but she’s just grateful her husband wasn’t hurt.

“We just thankful we alive,” she said to New Channel 3. “I’m not worried about any material stuff. It can be replaced, but my husband can’t be replaced.”

Feature Image via Screenshot