Army Veteran Stops Car Thief at Walmart Parking Lot

A would-be car thief was stopped in his tracks thanks to an Army veteran with a concealed carry permit.

Jonathan Kiner was leaving a Walmart with his family in Airway Heights, Washington, as they approached their SUV. As they began to load trunk, the Army veteran noticed something strange in the passenger seat, reported KTVB.

“That’s when the door popped open and he was sitting in there and everything escalated from there,” Kiner said to KTVB.

The strange man named Jared Austin attempted to flee the scene but Kiner was able to hold him yelling, “do not fight me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Austin attempted to struggle, but Kilner pulled out his pistol and told him to get on the ground. Police were called and Austin was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor second-degree vehicle prowling.

Kiner said that the whole ordeal caused him to have PTSD and reminded him of incidents during his time in Iraq. He’s received mental counseling from the Spokane Veterans Outreach Center.

Image via Flickr/James Case