Man Saves His Dog From Crazed Pitbull

A pair of pit bulls got loose from their owner’s home in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday and began roaming the streets when they came upon Richard D’Amour and his five-year-old lab mix named Molly.

Nervous about what the pit bulls might do, D’Amour began running home with Molly and the two dogs began chasing them, reported CBS Boston.

A good Samaritan passing in his car saw what was going on an attempted to slow the dogs down. One of the pit bulls named Luigi lunged at Molly and started biting on her neck, both the owner and man in the car tried desperately to get the pit bull off the lab.

D’Amour had no choice but to take out his pistol and shoot Luigi in the upper torso, killing him. The other dog did not participate in the attack and was returned to the owner.

Feature Image via Screen Shot