Armed Citizen Stops ‘Crazed Demon’ From Escaping Crime Scene

It was an armed citizen who was able to stop what onlookers called “a crazed demon” who attempted to flee a crime scene after 26-year-old Francisco Gonzales carjacked a vehicle and crashed it in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday.

Gonzales has an extensive violent record, in the past, he’s been accused of murder and aggravated battery. This time the 26-year-old allegedly forced a woman from her car, crashed it, and injured a bystander, reported KOB4.

After the crash, Gonzales got out of the car and attempted to hijack another vehicle. A middle-aged man named Joe was in one that the criminal started to bang on and demanded he surrender the car.

Joe said in a radio interview that he pulled out his .45 and pointed it at Gonzales and screamed,  “back the f**k up.”

“This guy was an animal man. When he came up to my window he was just wham, wham, wham; screaming and yelling like a freaking demon,” Joe said during the interview.

Gonzales ran off and tried to break down the door of a nearby home but was unable to get in, so he ran into the backyard when police were able to catch up with him and arrest him. The suspect wheeled off the property on a stretcher and had a gash under his eye.

Had it not been for the armed citizen named Joe, Gonzales would have likely been able to flee the crime scene and possibly injure more people.

Feature Image via Screenshot