VIDEO: Geek Squad Owner Uses Firearm to Stop Mentally Ill Attacker

The owner of Geek Squad in Grand Rapids, Michigan had to protect himself with a firearm on Tuesday afternoon after a man from Arizona assaulted him.

Lonnie Griffin, 33 years-old, well known to the Geek Squad workers, had been kicked out of the store several times for aggressive behavior and told not to come back. Nonetheless, he ignored the orders and assaulted the founder and President of the Geek group Chris Boden, reported WZZM13.

Boden didn’t play around, he immediately drew his concealed carry and pointed it at Griffin, forcing him out of the store.

The police caught up to him and charged him with trespassing and assault and battery. Boden told police he believes Griffin is mentally ill and a threat to society.

Watch the entire incident below: