Flordia Woman Might be in Trouble After Shooting Car Thief

On Monday night in Clearwater, Florida, what looked to be a routine car sale went terribly wrong.

Louise Ornduff and her son Kalaeb met with Lasupta Singletary, 18, and  Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman, 17, at a Bank of America parking lot to discuss the sale of Kalaeb’s 2016 Nissan Rogue, reported The Tampa Bay Times.

As the four were negotiating the sale of the Nissan, Coleman and Singletary pulled out guns and demanded that Louise and Kalaeb turn over the keys of the 2016 Hyundai Veloster that the two had driven to the bank.

What the two didn’t expect was that Louise was an experienced marksman. As the pair drove away from the scene, she shot at them and hit Singletary, killing him.

Police are reviewing the details of the case but some are saying that Louise may face charges for killing Singleton. Under the state’s “Stand Your Ground Law” a person can use deadly force only if he/she is not engaged in illegal activity, has the right to be on a property, or to prevent great bodily harm or death.

Louise has no criminal record and legally owned the firearm used to kill Singletary. Neither teen legally owned either gun they used to rob the mother and son.

Feature Image via Clearwater Police Department