Biker Chick Defends Herself With Firearm After Heated Dispute About Sex

A lover quarrel quickly turned violent when an argument about sex turned into a shootout.

Fox2 reported on Tuesday that a 35-year old man and his girlfriend were having an argument about sexual intercourse when he pulled out his gun and shot her in the face. Luckily for the woman, the bullet only grazed her face.

She responded by taking out her gun and shooting him in the arm, injuring him enough where he was forced to flee the Soul Devils Motorcycle Club.

Strangely the police responded to the shooting hours later and surrounded the club when they busted through the door they found only one person inside and he was sleeping on a pool table.

An ambulance brought the woman to the hospital and the man was arrested later that day. Police say both the man and woman were intoxicated during the incident.

Feature Image via Flickr/BikerKarl2013