Armed Citizen Stops Man From Killing His Mother-in-Law

Aita Gurung snapped last Thursday and killed his wife with a meat cleaver, he then turned his attention on his mother-in-law and began slashing her as she ran out to the street.

The Burlington Police reported that Gurung killed his wife, 32-year old Yogeswari Khadka, in their kitchen and then began to attack her 54-year old mother Thulsa Rimal. The man’s mother-in-law was able to get outside and neighbors tried to stop the attack reported The Burlington Free Press.

Onlookers said a man with a firearm named John Casey pointed his gun at Gurung who held the attacker at bay until police arrived, possibly saving Rimal’s life.

Rimal is in critical condition at the University of Vermont Medical Center but is expected to survive. According to police the couple’s eight-year-old child was at school at the time and is now in the care of her grandfather.

During his trial, Gurung, who cannot speak English and required a translator, pled not guilty.

Feature Image via Burlington Police Department