Quick Thinking and a Firearm Saves Arkansas Couple From Masked Gunman

A couple from Fayetteville, Arkansas found themselves in a situation you’d only see in a blockbuster action movie.

Jerry Moore was standing in his driveway when a masked gunman approached him and demanded large sums of money. Pointing his gun at Jerry and his wife Lou, the gunman forced the couple inside their car, forced them to drive him to a location, and gave them very strict instructions.

“If you flee, I will shoot you. If you crash on purpose, I will shoot you,” the couple’s daughter said to 4029 TV News.

The one thing the crazed gunman didn’t realize was that Jerry had just moved his gun to his car days before.

As he was sitting in the backseat, the couple in the front, the gunman started screaming for his phone. During the commotion, Jerry went for his gun.

Hearing the safety click, the gunman launched at Jerry and bite his arm as he tried to get ahold of the gun. Jerry got it first and shot the man who had held him and his wife captive and then threw him out of the car.

The couple went to urgent care where Jerry was treated for his bites. The gunman is in the hospital in serious condition. Police are still investigating the situation.

Feature Image via Screenshot