Texas Millennial Kills Mom’s Boyfriend After Witnessing Him Beating Her

A 26-year old woman from San Antonio, Texas, shot and killed her mother’s boyfriend after witnessing him slapping her.

My San Antonio reported on Thursday that the couple had a history of loud arguments and this may not have been the first time he struck his girlfriend. As the fight intensified, the 26-year old walked into the room with a gun.

“She goes in there to confront him and tell him to stop,” said San Antonio Police Sgt. Roy Miller to My San Antonio. 

The mother’s boyfriend launched towards the 26-year old who fired the gun, striking him in his lower abdomen. They called 911 and the man was transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center where he later died.

Police are still investigating the incident.

Feature Image via Flickr/Tomás Del Coro