Stand Your Ground Law Protects Floridian Man Who Killed Drug Dealer

Florida State Attorney’s Office made the decision on Tuesday that a homeowner who shot and killed a drug dealer back in April was justified under the state’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

Donald Hodges was confronted by known drug dealer Danny King during an argument King was having with a woman on Hodges’ property, reported The Pensacola News Journal.

Hodges stepped between King and the woman he was having an argument with trying to diffuse the situation but things only got worse. King threatened to kill and the men ended up wrestling each other to the ground.

King left Hodges property to go retrieve a gun from a nearby house belonging to a woman he knew. When he returned to Hodges’ home, witnesses heard Hodges scream, “Don’t do it, Danny” and “Back up, Danny.”

Then a single gunshot rang out and King was dead. In his autopsy, doctors discovered meth in his bloodstream and urine.

Due to the circumstances that Hodges was on his own property and King threatened him with his life, Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law protected Hodges from any criminal conviction.

Feature Image via Flickr/Peretz Partensky