Man Held by Gun Point After Caught Stealing Guns

Police officers responded to a call in Perry Township, Pennsylvania where 42-year-old Pete Lopez was being held at gunpoint on the floor by a homeowner who accused him of stealing his guns.

Lopez, who was staying at the property and living with the homeowner’s daughter, said he didn’t know who the guns belonged to and sold them for $350 worth of drugs, reported

He bought them back for $200 at the request of the homeowner.

Lopez drove the firearms back to the victim. Upon seeing his stolen property the homeowner took one of his guns, loaded the chamber, pointed it at Lopez and told him to get on the ground.

Once the police got there, Lopez admitted that he stole the four guns in the middle of the night while the homeowner and his daughter were sleeping. He had prior convictions of robbery, burglary, and operating firearms without a license. Lopez is now facing felony charges of theft, receiving stolen property, and persons not to possess, use, control, sell or transfer firearms.

Feature Image via Flickr/Office of Public Affairs