Flashback: Pastor’s Grandson Stops Mass Shooting With Concealed Handgun

A pastors grandson’s heroism and quick thinking stopped a crazed gunman who could have committed a mass shooting.

Back in 2012, 26-year old Aaron Guyton was in the South Side Free Will Baptist Church recreation room in Boiling Springs, South Carolina when he saw former parishioner Jesse Gates emerge from his truck with a shotgun. Guyton, the pastor’s grandson, sprung into action and ran into the church through the back door.

Gates kicked open the church’s side door and pointed his shotgun at the pastor and the congregation, reported Fox Carolina.

Guyton, a concealed carry permit holder, was prepared and held Gates at gunpoint while fellow parishioners and the pastor, himself, pulled the shotgun away from the would-be shooter.

“The gun was loaded,” the pastor said to GoUpstate.com. “I said, ‘Jesse, what did you do it for?’ He said, ‘They took my children and won’t let me see them.’ I’m glad the Lord took care of everything. The police did a good job too.”

Despite what Gates said, his children did not attend that church. Both Gates and his sister were arrested, she was charged as an accessory to the crime.

Feature Image via Flickr/Gerry Dincher