Store Clerk Cleared of Murder Charge For Shooting Robber

A store clerk in Cincinnati, Ohio was cleared of all charges on Wednesday after he shot and killed an armed robber breaking into the convenience store where he worked.

The case stemmed from an incident on September 20th when 34-year old Hananiah Israel entered Sam’s Quick Market in Cincinnati, pointed his pistol at the cashier and demanded money, reported WCPO Cincinnati.

While one clerk distracted Israel by counting the money, the other pulled out a gun and shot the 34-year old once.

Israel succumbs to his injuries at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he would not take the case to the Grand Jury because he believed the clerk acted in self-defense.

“If you enter a store with a weapon to rob it, you have forfeited your right not to be shot,” Deters said. “And these clerks were lucky they weren’t victims themselves. They were clearly defending themselves.”

Feature Image via Flickr/bloomsberries