Woman Shoots Wal-Mart Bra Thief, Stops Suspect From Fleeing Cops

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A woman shot a man who allegedly stole multiple bras from a nearby Wal-Mart after he entered her office building trying to flee from local police.

Connie Wells shot Deondrea Branch after he allegedly stole 10 bras from the Wal-Mart in Knightdale, North Carolina and then fled to Wells’ office building to hide from law enforcement, according to WRAL.

“While Connie Wells and her family understand the Branch family’s concern, the events of Sept. 18 are entirely a consequence of Deondrea Branch’s own actions,” Wells’ attorney, Damon Chetson, said in a statement. “North Carolina recognizes a right of self-defense, enshrined in part in common law that dates back hundreds of years and which allows a person to defend themselves from attack.”

“Wells was in fear for her life as Branch broke into the office,” he continued. “Branch repeatedly slammed against a 150-lb solid core door, bent the deadbolt securing it, and stormed into Ms. Wells’ office suite. He rushed at her and ignored her when she screamed at him to stop.”

“Wells lawfully exercised her right to self-defense with her legally-possessed firearm and fired a single shot because she feared Branch would assault, kill, or do her other harm,” Chetson stated.

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