Alabama Man Arrested For Shooting Car Burglar

Malcolm Duel Wilson is under arrest after shooting a teenager in the back. The 17-year old was attempting to break into his car in Eufaula, Alabama.

In the afternoon of August 24th, Wilson spotted the teenager under the carport of his house. He immediately called the police but confronted the 17-year old before a patrol car could be sent, reported the Eufaula Tribune.

Attempting to corner him in the yard, Wilson shot the teenager in the lower back as he was attempting to flee the scene of the crime. Despite being hit, he continued to flee and ran to a local hospital where he was treated for emergency surgery.

Wilson was arrested on first-degree felony charges but released on bond.

“While we understand the frustration and helplessness that victims of property crimes feel, there must be an understanding of State law in matters of deadly force and physical force and when each can be applied,” said the police in a press release.

Alabama law states, “A person is justified in using physical force, other than deadly physical force, upon another person when and to the extent that he reasonably believes it to be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission by the other person of theft or criminal mischief with respect to property other than premises as defined in Section 13-A-3-20.”

“We urge everyone to become familiar with State law and the enormous responsibility that comes with gun ownership,” the press release continued. “We would also like to emphasize that the first responding officer was on the scene in less than 90 seconds from receiving the 911 call.”

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